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Weekly Kaigo

A YouTube channel to help Japanese residents in North America learn about elderly care.

Our mission is to support the bright future of Japanese people living in North America.

Concerned about healthcare and long-term care, many in North America consider returning to Japan. To help guide them and reduce anxiety, we’re launching a YouTube channel sharing events and resources on elderly care in North America. Our goal is to provide comprehensive options for a brighter future.

You can access our archive of videos anytime and feel free to watch and share them. You can access our archive of videos anytime, and feel free to watch and share them. It is spoken in Japanese, but you can auto-translate it into English through the settings on YouTube.

If you have any questions, comments or are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

Innovative technology integrated to elderly care


March 4, 2024:I attended the Care Show Japan held in Tokyo from February 20-22, 2024. The exhibition covered three main topics: food and diet, next-generation advanced technology in elderly care, and sarcopenia. During the event, I gained knowledge about the safe care and high-quality services provided to older adults in Japan, a country that is well developed in this field. In the second chapter, we discussed the innovative technology being introduced in practice, by showcasing examples of its integration at Rosewood by Nikoniko, an unprecedented group home that is soon to open in Vancouver.

Advanced med food from elderly expo in Japan


February 26, 2024: I attended the Care Show Japan in Tokyo from February 20-22, 2024. I gained knowledge on three main topics: 1) food and diet, 2) next-generation advanced technology in elderly care, and 3) sarcopenia. During the exhibition, I learned about the safe care and quality provided to older adults in Japan, a developed country in this field. In the first chapter, we discussed the current situation of older adults and how we can improve their swallowing ability through modified food.

Challenges to Amercian Elderly Care Services -Is it the same as a Ramen noodle restaurant's bankruptcy? -


February 19, 2024: This week, I picked up a lot of online literature on elderly care in the U.S., compared it with Canada, and summarized the challenges of U.S. nursing and elderly care in the next 40 years. In a way, I think it’s very American, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.

Canadian Dental Care Plan


February 12, 2024: Rest assured that the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) confidently provides financial aid to eligible Canadian residents, ensuring access to oral health care with ease. The plan takes into account the age of the individual, making it simpler for them to determine their eligibility.

Challenges to Access to Canadian Health Care Services


February 5, 2024: Healthcare services in Canada need significant improvements. We need to address the shortage of family doctors and the unacceptable longer waiting times for treatments. Therefore, we would like to share useful websites to help you find a family doctor, other community health resources, and emergency room wait times.

First publicly funded long-term care insurance in the USA

Good news:

January 29, 2024: Washington State in the US started offering public long-term care insurance payments in 2023. A flat payment of $36,500 for life is available if employees contribute for at least ten years. The insurance benefits start in July 2026. We visit the “WA Cares funds” website to learn more.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

Good news:

January 22, 2024: Canada announced free dental care for financially eligible individuals in December 2023. Applications by age are being accepted now, and treatment starts in May. Previously, non-medical treatments like dentistry and eye care were not free, but the new dental care plan is expected to cover one-third of the population.