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We provide
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We are a Japanese home care enterprise providing culturally sensitive services to the elderly. We emphasize continuity of care and offer comprehensive services. Contact us for a free consultation with our health experts!


Every day we learn something new on caring and want to share our story with you!


We strive to understand each person deeply, to notice even the slightest change in physical condition or mood, and to respond in the most appropriate way to the situation. We will continue to improve with humility and ambition, and will never be satisfied with our current service.

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The first in a series of highly anticipated caregiving e-books penned by Nikoniko Home Care founder, Abeyama. The book is available for Kindle, ePub, PDF and other devices. Today, you can download it for free!

    Free Consultation

    Let's discuss your concerns about care for your loved one with our elderly care experts. A Registered nurse with 20 years plus experience will answer your questions and explain the BC medical system. You will learn about elderly care and find more options for successful care.

    Weekly Kaigo

    We offer weekly updates in Japanese regarding health and elderly care in North America. Being well-informed is the best way to make informed decisions about your health and plan for the future. To receive notifications, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.