Community Health Initiatives – Nikoniko Home Care

Community health initiatives

In addition to home care and a group home, we are committed to helping people live proactively in the community.

These days, more and more older people are so energetic that they should not be called elderly. For example, a 65-year-old 20 years ago and a 65-year-old today have different energy levels. In Canada, 18% of the population are over 65 in 2020. As the baby boomer generation becomes seniors, there will be a need for more care for the elderly. No one can stop aging. However, it is possible to maintain good health by exercising your body and mind.

In addition to our home care and group home services, we also focus on helping people to live healthily in the community. Why is it important? Because we want to create a bright future for you and your family. Please take a look at our model diagram below.

We have been running ‘Smile Brain” program (=Brain Exercise Classes) in the community with our sister non-profit organization, West Coast Healthy Memory Society, since 2018. The reason we do this in the community is that these activities promote your health and well-being. When you are healthy, your family will reduce the burden on your health and care. As a result, you and your family will be healthier and have more fun. Fewer people will go to a hospital. Therefore, the whole community will be healthier. Health care expenses will be reduced, and a brighter society awaits positive seniors.

Have you ever imagined such a future? We believe that each preventive effort, each small accumulation, will change our society and the world. Thus we take a vital leadership role in a community.

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