Testimonials – Nikoniko Home Care


Here are some happy voices of our valued clients and their families.

Happy voices

Eight months ago I was in a wheelchair, now I can walk with a walker!
Since the caregiver started visiting, I have become more well-groomed and have a good rhythm in life. In addition, I have gained weight with good meals prepared by a caregiver.
My father had never spoken to anyone before but has become more sociable and can now attend a weekly day service.
It has reduced the burden on the family caregivers. Nikoniko caregiver has brightened up the house every time she visits.
I don't know why, but I'm at my best when the caregiver comes!
It gives me peace of mind to know that there is a place where I can talk in Japanese if something happens.

Results of the 2019 survey

What do you think about Nikoniko's prices?

90% of respondents said it was "just right".


How much would you like to introduce Nikoniko to your friends?

100% of the respondents said they would either "like to introduce" or "would definitely introduce".


How much do you feel that your burden of care has decreased since you started receiving services from Nikoniko?

30 per cent of respondents said they had seen a 100 per cent reduction, 20 per cent an 80 per cent reduction, 30 per cent a 60 per cent reduction and 20 per cent a 20 per cent reduction.

Would you please let us know about Nikoniko's strengths?
close contact
caregivers with understanding and competence
Smiling staff!
attention to details
speaking Japanese
extensive knowledge of senior care