Others – Nikoniko Home Care


To ensure that Nikoniko Home Care's services reach as many people as possible, we also provide the following supports

Finance and legal support

If you would like to receive Nikoniko Home Care services, but have financial difficulties, we have a consultation service. We will work with you to get the services you need through referrals to the right professionals.

Developing our staff's skills

We always look for insightful people who want to work at Nikoniko Home Care. Once you have been selected, we will provide you with the appropriate training. Continuing education is important to us and we invest in our future staff. If you are interested in becoming a Nikoniko caregiver or if you want to specialize as a care aide or a nurse in the future, we will support you. For more information on how to become a Nikoniko staff member, please visit our career page.

Creating a path to Canada

We are currently researching avenues for the young generation to study Canadian long-term care from Japan. We have a consultation service for those who want to challenge themselves in Canada and learn about medical care outside of Japan. Please feel free to contact us to discuss appropriate schools and the possibility of training as an intern at Nikoniko Home Care.

Strengthening, improving and innovating care technology

We are constantly striving to improve our nursing skills. We believe that basic and practical nursing care is the best way to meet the needs of our clients. We will keep up to date with the latest care technology, researching and improving. We will lead this field.