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Group Home

We have opened a small group home in Burnaby in April 2024. 10 beds only all services are provided in Japanese style. This at-home facility will give a new insight into elderly care in Canada.

Welcome to Rosewood by Nikoniko

Front view
Backyard with a tea house

The Rosewood group home project, which started in 2019, has overcome Covid19 and other challenges to create a new type of Assisted Living community in Canada today. That is the way Nikoniko Home Care, which will operate this group home, believes, “We will be your family.”

Many older people do not want to move into a larger facility when they become difficult to spend time at home. For decades, people have been saying that it would be great if they could spend time with friends they get along with in a place that feels more like home. However, it requires a lot of energy, investment, and the understanding of those around us to make it happen.

A concept of a group home standing here may be a new way of looking at elderly care in Canada. However, in Japan, a number of group homes has been increasing since 2000, and now there are as many group homes as junior high schools in the community (over 13,000 group homes in Japan) . Older people can live safely and joyfully without leaving their familiar communities.

Rosewood by Nikoniko aims for a place that respects Canadian culture while fully using Japan’s goodness. We don’t call this place a facility; we call it a “home.” We sincerely hope that this home will become a place that provides safety and security to many elderly and will serve as a role model to live their lives as long as possible with a sense of purpose, dignity and respect.

PROGRESS of Our Group Home
Latest news
  • March 28, 2024

We celebrated the grand opening of Rosewood by Nikoniko, marking a new chapter as a higher level of assisted living community.

  • April 01, 2024

Rosewood by Nikoniko warmly welcomed its new residents to their brand-new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the room?

Each room is just under 300 SQ and has a shower and a toilet. You can bring your bed and other individual furniture. The rooms are equipped with the latest AI technology, allowing communication from the room to the staff.

Can a couple move in together?

There are ten private rooms with a shower and a toilet. However, if you are a couple, you can combine two rooms, so it is possible to move in as a couple.

Who are your staff?

There are two full-time caregiving staff, plus cooking, cleaning and recreational staff as appropriate. There is also a nurse on call for emergencies.

Are meals provided?

Yes. We will provide you mainly with Japanese meals three times a day. And we invite our residents to cook with us and feel the joy of cooking and serving.

Do I have to move out when I need more care?

No, you will not. We are a private home, and once you have moved in, we will try to ensure that you stay in the same place until the end of your life. We will consult with you as necessary to determine the care you will need.

Can I sign up for the waiting list now?

Yes, we are happy to take your name on our waiting list. We will inform you once the completion of the facility is getting closer.

How much does it cost?

This depends on how much care the resident might need. The basic price includes three meals a day, weekly cleaning, supervision of full-time caregivers, basic care, and daily activities. The basic price will be soon to be announced. Additional services can be offered as required.

What are the criteria for moving in?

The facility manager and nurse carry out a pre-admission assessment and interview to determine the level of care required.

How do I spend my time?

The aim is to create a home-from-home experience. In addition, we will create a space where ten residents can enjoy their life by adding Japanese-style activities. For example, cooking, vegetable gardening, brain training, walks in the neighborhood, and exchanges with the local school children.