Home Care – Nikoniko Home Care

Home Care

Experienced caregivers provide home care services. They bring joy and smiles to your home and perform the following care according to your plan.

Japanese Compassionate Care For ALL

Hourly Rate

From $38

Home Support

Cleaning, washing and vacuuming
Outings support
Walks, simple exercises
Tidying up the kitchen

From $38

Japanese Cooking

Preparation of your favourite meals
Balanced menu planning
Specialising in Asian food
Grocery shopping

From $42

Personal Care

Bath and shower assistance
Toileting, dressing and transferring
Oral care, medication administration
Blood sugar check and urine bag care

From $42

Dementia Prevention

Tailored brain training by using original materials
Cultural activities (newspapers, crafts, etc.)

Our Uniqueness

Team Care

In some cases, one caregiver, or several caregivers, are devoted to a client and work as a team. This allows us to provide the consistency of care that maintains our high standard. An area leader supervises the caregivers and the team, and if, for example, the dedicated caregiver is absent, the other caregivers will continue a seamless service.

Latest Technology

The Nikoniko Web App is a unique technology that allows us to monitor the care of the clients on time and communicate with the family remotely. In addition, all care reports are uploaded on the same day, giving families peace of mind knowing what care is being provided.

Flexible Pricing

The fee for this service is $36-40 per hour (plus tax). After an initial assessment, we will discuss the service fee depending on the nature of the care despite of our base rates. The service will be revised two months after the start of the service, and a reasonable fee will be set.

Flexible Visiting

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours per visit and $10 per visit for the caregiver's travel expenses will be applied. If the visit lasts more than 4 hours per day, the $10 fee is waived. The frequency of visits is flexible, whether it is a regular service, a one-off service, or a set time.

Comprehensive follow-up

Experienced nurses examine a higher scope of care, and area leaders make regular visits to improve care and communication.

More Comprehensive Care

We have been working with our clients for several years when they started to receive home care services. In some cases, 12-24 hour care or equivalent is required. There are two types of long-term care that we can provide.

Premier Care

This 24-hour care is viewed as an "end-of-life care", mainly at home. Experienced caregivers lead our team. In the event of a serious illness, we work together with the Palliative Care Team sent by the government to provide our clients the best possible comfort care.


Some older adults who live alone want to bring in a Living Caregiver from abroad by sponsoring them. This is a great option, but it is not always easy to find a reliable caregiver. At Nikoniko Home Care, we are in the process of setting up a system where we can introduce our clients to reliable live-in/out caregivers. We are prepared to introduce the candidates, carry out background checks, liaise with immigration consultants to promote sponsorship, and provide aftercare for any problems that may arise.